At Heritage & Co. we believe everyday of life is worth celebrating.  

So much of who we are and what we do is about where we come from, our heritage

Heritage & Co. was founded on who and what built me, my family, our traditions and our story.  Each persons story, even within one family is so different and the most unique part about that is what brings us all together, and for me a lot of that has involved food or been at a table surrounded by food.

I’m Aubrey, owner, baker and designer behind Heritage & Co. My passion for food began at a young age when I was constantly in the kitchen wanting to create a cake for the next family member’s birthday, treats to take to school or just for fun- which later led to me pursuing my culinary degrees at The Art Institute of San Diego, California. 

Here at Heritage & Co. so much of the products we feature root back to where it came from, we feature a variety of local produce and artisans who each have a story- whether it be from the farmer and the land that produced our seasonal citrus or the artisans story that fueled their passion and stems from just that, their heritage.  Respecting what is important to us and how it shapes us is best shared with others- we believe you can do that by sharing space, space gathered around a table with food of course!  I grew up in a family where no meal was complete without dessert and we gathered around the table for every meal- shared about our day and shared countless stories, laughs and dreams.  We hope that you too, are able to find a place to share our food, your laughter, joy and of course never leave on an empty stomach.

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